Article 370 and Armed Forces

On 5th October 2019 Indian government removed article 370.

I have been following what is happening in Kashmir since last one decade. Kashmir was always in news due to Islamic terrorism, It was all quite depressing. One day I came across the fact that Kashmir has separate flag and constitution, this left me totally confused and i thought what was the use of fighting for such a place where there is no Indian law and order, where we cannot settle. I was of the opinion that either we should completely give up Kashmir or totally integrate it into India.

With article 370 in place, Indian army was fighting a battle not to win but to lose as article 370 made army outsider in Kashmir. With article 370 gone and Kashmir being converted in an union territory, Indian army will now be defending it own place where Indian constitution is applied. As already seen now Indian army is taking the fight into Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

There will still be Islamic terror attacks in Kashmir for next few years or may be for next decade but India will see a peaceful Kashmir 2 decades from now. Indian armed forces will have to be ready for more attacks. Now people from other part of country can go and settle in Kashmir and it will become like any other part of the country.

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