December current affair for CDS I 2020

1. MiG-27 retired from service: MiG-27 also called as Bahadur was retired from Indian Air Force service on 27th December. MiG-27 is a ground-attack aircraft. It played a major role in Kargil war where it targeted enemy location in Kargil. 2. National Mathematics Day: 22 December. This day is celebrated is celebrated as National Mathematical […]

November 2019 current affairs

This current affair is aimed at NDA I 2020, OTA 1 2020 and CDSE 1 2020. Constitution Day/National Law Day : 26th November: On 26th November 2019, constitution of India adopted. I cam into effect on 26th January 1950. Don’t confuse with republic day which is celebrated in 26th January. International Film Festival of India: […]

How to prepare for NDA I 2020

With 4 months to go for NDA I 2020, it is good time to start preparing for it. 4 months is sufficient amount of time to prepare for NDA exam assuming that you are good with the basics. In paper two of NDA exams, Physics is the most important part in General knowledge. Around 20 […]

NDA 2 2018 Current Affair Analysis

I went through NDA II 2018 and found these 8 questions which come under current affair. It is important to know what kind of current affair questions are asked in NDA so that it will be easier for you to prepare and not waste time on studying 1000s of unnecessary questions. 2 questions related to […]

October 2019 Current affair for CDS I 2020 and NDA I 2020

2020 summer Olympic games will take place in Tokyo the Capital of Japan from 24th July to 9 August 2020.Hopefully India wins a few gold medals this time. National Unity Day to be celebrated on 31st October. Sardar Patel’s birthday is observed as National Unity Day as he played important role uniting different part of […]