December current affair for CDS I 2020

1. MiG-27 retired from service:

MiG-27 also called as Bahadur was retired from Indian Air Force service on 27th December. MiG-27 is a ground-attack aircraft. It played a major role in Kargil war where it targeted enemy location in Kargil.

2. National Mathematics Day: 22 December.

This day is celebrated is celebrated as National Mathematical Day of India in remembrance of Srinivasa Ramanujan, he is one of the greatest mathematician from India.

3. Vijay Diwas: 16th December.

Vijay Diwas is celebrated on 16th December to remember the victory of India over Pakistan in 1971 war. East Pakistan was liberated which led to creation of a new country called Bangladesh.

4. Chief of Defence staff

General Bipin Rawat was appointed the first Chief of Defence staff on this day. This post has been created to make sure that all three services that is Navy, Air Force and Army work as one structure and can coordinate easily.

5. INDIRA 2019

This was a tri services exercise which took place between India and Russia. This exercise involved all the three services(i.s Navy, Army and Air Force) of both the countries. This exercise took place in Babina, Pune and Goa and it started on 10th December and concluded on 19th December.

6. Hand-In-Hand 2019

Hand-In-Hand is a military exercise which took place between Indian and Chinese armies, this exercise took place in Meghalaya and it started on 7th December.

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