Fastest fighter jet of Indian Air Force .

MiG-25 developed by Mikoyan of USSR was the fastest jet to ever join Indian Air Force . It had speed of more than 3000 km per hour or over 2.8 Mach. Infact to this date no other aircraft has been build faster than Mig-25 in this category.

USSR MiG-25 in flight.

Indian Air Force bought MiG-25 in 1981. Though it was kept as secret and only 8 were purchased. In India MiG-25 was called as “Garuda”. These jets were mostly used for reconnaissance over Pakistani airspace and Himalaya region, it was also used in Kargil war of 1999. These MiG-25 could fly above 20000 meters height and no aircraft could get close to that height at that time. So taking taking pictures of enemy area was the primary role of this aircraft.

MiG-25 was originally developed around 1961 in USSR to intercept fighter jets of United States. USSR had huge area to protect and hence they needed an aircraft which could fly fast and fly far. MiG-25 was technological marvel of its time. Russia retired Mig-25 in 2010 as it was replaced by its successor MiG-31.

Mig-25 remained in Indian Air Force from 1981 to 2006. Due to availability of spy satellite and heavy cost of maintenance of this aircraft it was deemed fit to be retired. It served India for 25 glorious years.

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