How to prepare for NDA I 2020

With 4 months to go for NDA I 2020, it is good time to start preparing for it. 4 months is sufficient amount of time to prepare for NDA exam assuming that you are good with the basics.

In paper two of NDA exams, Physics is the most important part in General knowledge. Around 20 questions are asked in from Physics, questions asked are easy. Physics questions are simple logic or formula based based questions, hardly one or two questions are numerical, where you have to use your pen. So make sure that you know all the basic fundamental and basic formula of physics.

From Biology, history and Chemistry combined 30 questions are asked. To prepare for these it is important that you solve previous year NDA examination question and take a lot of mock exams.

In order to take mock exam of NDA I 2020 use the following link and enroll for online NDA I 2020 examination.

Keep in mind that NDA 1 2020 has negative marking, for each wrong answer there will be 1/3rd negative marking, hence I would advice against too much guess work.

Finally current affair are easy marks. To prepare for current affair read last 7 months of current affairs. Current affair related to sports, awards, military exercises, important dates, economics and governance policies.

When preparing for NDA 1 2020, aim for at least 70 percentage mark to make sure that you absolutely get called for SSB interview. So you have to score good in both Paper-I and Paper-II.

Go through the syllabus of NDA examination, it will give you a better idea as to what the paper will be like.

Each paper is of only two and half hours that is 150 minutes. Which means that you have around one minute to solve each question in NDA I 2020. 150 minutes time is more that enough if you are well prepared. At TejasX, we have designed the questions/quiz according to this pattern only, with time limit and negative marking so that you get real feel of the examination. So make sure that you attempt these mock exams provided by TejasX and test where you stand and what is your speed.

NDA examination gives you a wonderful chance to enter armed forces and live a nice life. So take your preparation seriously and study as much as you can. Don’t take this exam lightly as some might thinking that it is not as tough.

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