Naval LCA Tejas

LCA Naval MK1 did its first ever landing on INS Vikramaditya which is an Air Craft carrier of Indian Navy. Commodore Jaideep Maolankar was the pilot who landed the light combat aircraft(LCA) on the aircraft carrier.

LCA mk-1 on INS Vikramaditya

Countries such as as Russia, China, USA and France already have the capability of arrested landing of aircraft on aircraft carriers and it goes as far as 50 years back.

Naval LCA was derived from Air Force version of LCA. LCA was made structurally stronger to land on an Aircraft carrier because while landing and stopping over a short distance puts a lot of stress on the structure of the aircraft.

Development of Naval LCA started in 2012, initially it was found to be overweight and under powered to land on an Aircraft carrier and was likely to be scrapped. Over the course of eight year it has been changed and modified into the version known as LCA(N) mk-1 which successfully landed on 11 January 2020 on INS Vikramaditya .

Even though LCA(N) mk-1 has successfully landed on the aircraft carrier, it is still considered to be an experimental aircraft meaning it will be not be inducted in large number in Indian Navy. Indian Navy still considers it to be under powered and short range to take on real world situations and Indian Navy is looking for a two engine variant of LCA(N) Mk-1 which will be called as LCA MK-2 or some other two engine aircraft.

LCA Mk-2 may take upto 10 years to develop and that is a very long time. Still landing of LCA on Vikramaditya has been a great achievement and kudos to all the scientists and engineering who worked on it.

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