NDA 2 2018 Current Affair Analysis

I went through NDA II 2018 and found these 8 questions which come under current affair. It is important to know what kind of current affair questions are asked in NDA so that it will be easier for you to prepare and not waste time on studying 1000s of unnecessary questions.

2 questions related to Sports.
1 question related geopolitics.
1 question related to Date and occasion.
3 questions related to Economics and governance.
1 question related to Prize and awards given.

Please go through the question and read them so that you can get a better idea about the pattern of NDA current affair section.

1. Which one of the following is the official Mascot of the Fifa World cup 2018?
Ans: Zabivaka.
Comes Under Sports, related to football but importantly related to world cup which is the most important event related to football, which explain why this question was asked.

2. The Headquarters of the proposed National sports University (as per the National Sports University Ordinance, 2018) will be set-up in
Ans: Manipur.
This question is also related to sports and also related to governance as a National sports university has been set up by the government. Important question general knowledge for future also. This question also highlights the development work taking place in North-East.

3. India, in June 2018, asserted that any Mega project must respect sovereignty and territorial integrity of the countries. The project referred to above is
Ans: Belt and Road initiative.
This question is related to Geopolitics between India and its neighbor China. In simple terms Belt and Road initiative is a project started by China to connect 150 countries of the world through rail and road network, similar to silk route of olden times. India is a competitor of China and does not feel safe in opening it’s border for China and refused to take part in this initiative.

4. Which of the following is the theme of the World Blood Donor Day 2018?
Ans: Blood connects us all.
Here comes The xxxxx Day was celebrated on which day or what was the theme for this year. One of these questions is usually asked. World Blood Donor Day is celebrated on 14th June every year. This day is about blood awareness and safety.

5. Which one of the following Indian States (other than Himalayan or North-Eastern States) ranked first in the Composite Water Management Index as per the report issued by NITI Aayog in June, 2018?
Ans: Gujarat.
This question is related to governance and economic policy of India. NITI which stands for “National Institution for Transforming India”. It replaced planning commission in 2015. This institute makes economic policy for the next 5 or more years, make a road map as to how country will develop economically.

6. Who among the following is the ex-officio Chairman of the North-Eastern Council?
Ans: The Union Home Minister.
This question is related to polity and north eastern region of India and also economics.
North-Eastern Council is the government body which coordinates the development work in all North-Eastern states. Ex-officio means a member who become member of organization because he is holding another office or position, like here Rajnath Singh was the home minister so he became Chairman of North-Eastern Council, and next home minister of India will become next Chairman.

7. `Seva Bhoj Yojana’, a scheme of the government of India that seeks to reimburse Central share of CGST and IGST on Food/Prasad/Langar/Bhandara offered by religious institutions, is introduced recently by which of the following Ministries?
Ans: The ministry of culture.
This one once again comes under governance and planning. I find it really interesting.
According this Scheme, Central government will assist institutions and organization which provide free food to people, nice gesture I must say. In this scheme government will payback GST taxes that these organization pay on purchasing food items. This is kind of like a cashback offer for providing free food.

8. Dr Bindeshwar Pathak, who was awarded Nikkei Asia prize in 2018 for culture and community, is the founder of
Ans: Sulabah Sanitation and Social Reform Movement.
Here comes the XXX award question and also related to social reform and Asia.
Nikkei Asia prize is given to people or organization that have improved lives of people in Asia, In 2018 Bindeshwar Pathak, founder of Sulabh Sauchalay which most of you must have observed near Bus stand and railway station. Amazing work Indeed.

October 2019 Current affair for CDS I 2020 and NDA I 2020

  1. 2020 summer Olympic games will take place in Tokyo the Capital of Japan from 24th July to 9 August 2020.Hopefully India wins a few gold medals this time.
  2. National Unity Day to be celebrated on 31st October. Sardar Patel’s birthday is observed as National Unity Day as he played important role uniting different part of the country after independence.
  3. India Inducts Rafale fighter jet. This jet is made in France and it is one of the most advanced 4th generation fighter in the world. Would be helpful against China in particular.
  4. World Food Day was observed on 16th October. This years theme was “Our Actions Are Our Future, Healthy Diets for A zeroHunger World”.

These current affair event are useful for NDA I 2020 and CDS 1 2020 Exams.

Article 370 and Armed Forces

On 5th October 2019 Indian government removed article 370.

I have been following what is happening in Kashmir since last one decade. Kashmir was always in news due to Islamic terrorism, It was all quite depressing. One day I came across the fact that Kashmir has separate flag and constitution, this left me totally confused and i thought what was the use of fighting for such a place where there is no Indian law and order, where we cannot settle. I was of the opinion that either we should completely give up Kashmir or totally integrate it into India.

With article 370 in place, Indian army was fighting a battle not to win but to lose as article 370 made army outsider in Kashmir. With article 370 gone and Kashmir being converted in an union territory, Indian army will now be defending it own place where Indian constitution is applied. As already seen now Indian army is taking the fight into Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

There will still be Islamic terror attacks in Kashmir for next few years or may be for next decade but India will see a peaceful Kashmir 2 decades from now. Indian armed forces will have to be ready for more attacks. Now people from other part of country can go and settle in Kashmir and it will become like any other part of the country.

NDA II 2019 Mock exam

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