Rafale fighter jet of Indian Air Force

India finally purchased Rafale fighter jet after a lot of confusion. It is a fighter jet developed by France in 1980s to replace Mirage 2000. Rafale is a advanced 4th generation fighter jet. India which is struggling to develop LCA and which lacks power to take in battle field had to go for This fighter jet. India has air superiority Su-30 aircraft but Mig-21, Mirage 2000 are all getting old and have to be replaced.

Rafale fighter jet of French Air Force.
Rafale fighter jet of French Air Force.

Rafale is twin engine, multi-role aircraft which can be used for Air to Air or air to ground attacks. One Rafale costs almost 600 crore Indian rupees. It has a maximum speed of 1920 km/hr and combat range of 1850 kilometers. It has empty weight of 10330 kilograms which makes it a medium weight fighter jet. This jet can carry 10 tons of weapons. Also there is a Naval version of Rafale jet which India may consider in future. Rafale is also used by Egyptian Air Force and Qatar Air Force. Great

India has placed an order of 36 Rafale jets and it looks like a lot more will be added in near future. In 2019 fight between India and Pakistan, India lost 1 Mig-21 and an Indian pilot was captured by Pakistan. If India had Rafale, it would have been a different matter during this little fight. India also has China as it’s other adversary and Rafale will help counter the big Chinese Air Force.

This Jet is expected to serve Indian Air Force for Next 20 to 30 years that is upto 2050. India is also trying to develop a twin engine LCA but it will take upto 10 years to develop and till then Rafale will help India in defending it’s border.

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